Welcome to The M&A Group US

You are likely thinking "this is different." 

We are different.  We believe that when you have substance, you don’t need puffery.  We’re no nonsense.  We're direct.  We're seasoned.  We get results for our clients.  Most likely the reason for your visit.

If you are looking for an—Investment Bank, Boutique Investment Bank, Mergers and Acquisitions Advisor, Business Broker, M&A Advisor, M&A Intermediary, Investment Banker, Deal Maker—to sell your business, and hope to maximize your potential net proceeds, then you have arrived at the optimal resource.

We don’t do debt placement.  Or raise capital.  But we would be pleased to introduce you to some terrific folks that do.

Us?  We simply sell Micro-Middle Market™ and lower-middle market businesses.  That is what we do.  And we do it very well.  So there is no need to try and do everything.

Contact us for an in-person, no obligation, assessment of your situation.  We're confident that you won't be disappointed.